MKG006 : Tekel & Tim Paris – The Fork & The Trout

October 11, 2009

<a href="">The Fork &amp; The Trout EP by Marketing Music</a>

It’s their third release together (after “Marketel & Marketim”-Marketing Rcds and “Dog or Vodka” – Crack&Speed rcds) and you can expect here some great dance combos while listening to this two tracker. Loic is now living in Berlin, Tim in London and Julien in Paris so it has been a bit of a challenge to gather them to record this new EP. Reason why we have 2 very different textures on this record as both tracks have been made in different studios. First song ‘The Fork’ is a sharp piece of modern techno: straightforward grooves and acid lines make it a dancefloor monster !!! ‘The Trout’ would certainly be so far the ideal crossover between their styles… It builds slowly from a very simple groove and elements after elements, it grows and turns into an hectic and deranged piece of analog house music.

MKG 006 : Tekel & Tim Paris – The Fork & The Trout EP

01 – Tekel & Tim Paris – The Fork
02 – Tekel & Tim Paris – The Trout


LISTEN & BUY : Tekel & Tim Paris – The Fork & The Trout EP – full tracks listening


agoria: “ feedback : Good comments : Thanx folks, will play “the trout” ” Alland Byallo (Liebe Detail,: “ The Trout is one hell of a slinky, sexy groover! I like it for those more chill moments! That little touch of Italo makes me smile.” Daniel Becker (Trickski ): “ I really like the fork! great tune, dirty and powerful! I will definitely try it out at my next gigs. thanks for sending us marketing stuff, it is a great label! love and respect from berlin to paris!” Dave Congreve (Repeat Repeat: “ good club trax, prefer the trout, there’s really great sounds in the production. will play & chart.” Dean Muhsin Bearweasel: “excellent as always, but serious props for “The Trout” – wonderful cross pollination of genre” Ed Davenport (Liebe*Detail ): “ some cool ideas here from tim paris and co, i like the slow groove of ‘the trout’, its quite messy sounding but in a good way and would work well in a sweaty afterhours!” Ewan Pearson: “ feedback : Excellent comments : loving them both, my friend :)Funk D Void (Soma): “ “the Fork” is a winner! I’ve been a dan of Tim since forever… ” harri harrigan (Sub Club – Gla: “ feedback : Good comments : the trout sounds good ” Lance DeSardi (BangTheBox –S-F: “ feedback : Excellent comments : The title track is the one for me. Deep indeed… But both are good, the trout is fucking killer! Smoked-out grooves… ” llorca: “ feedback : Good comments : i like “the fork” – nice mixture of electronic sounds and house grooves ” marcus lambkin (Shit Robot DFA: “ feedback : Excellent comments : sweeeet! ” Max Pask (The Apt-NY): “ feedback : Excellent comments :It Kills !!! ” Mike Monday (Playtime-London): “ feedback : Excellent comments : Quality as ever! Both tracks are excellent, can’t wait to play them out at the weekend… ” morpheus (Tigersushi-brussels): “ feedback : Excellent comments : after listening again to it, i really like both tracks now, both are excellent!! ” Philip Sherburne (WIRE): “Really feeling “The Fork” — the arpeggiated melodies that take over during the middle of the track really do the trick. Fierce. And “The Trout” is really really freaky, reminds me a bit of the recent Syclops track on DFA, percussive and unhinged. Good shit.” Will Saul (Simple): “Warm sounds with proper bite. Nice! I think The Trout just edges it for me. Will play for sure”

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  1. M7sa on September 5, 2011 at 12:30


  2. M7sa on September 18, 2011 at 00:16

    i visualize a mix with Dick Tracy and Flash Gordon… soberb… love it

  3. M7sa on November 4, 2011 at 00:33

    well…a month later i still love 2 hear… what a kick…. I WANT A PODCAST with these guys
    oh… by the way…. I LUV U TiM…one of d fews who doesn`t repeat themshelves…congrats

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