MKG003 : Tekel & Tim Paris – Marketel & Marketim

October 11, 2009

<a href="">Marketel &amp; Marketim by Marketing Music</a>

Parisian studio neighbors TIM PARIS and fresh duo TEKEL put their heads together and incubate two stringently rocking tech-house cuts that easily avoid to trod down the worn-out path but rather blaze their own trail. “marketel” starts out with a bass like a impenetrable wall and fidgety beats that are only painstakingly curbed from breaking loose and additionally get trampled on by clicking percussive sounds like a step-dancer tripin over pots and pans. when a piercing hi-hat and a mad drilling, acidic bassline join in, the leash is finally loosened and the track descends onto the floor in full power additionaly driven by drum rolls and jittering chords. flip over for the slightly more introspective “marketim” that harks back to the innovative times of 70s synth pioneers and krautrock heads with it’s amalgamation of hypnotic rhythms,at times bulky at times etheric analogue synth sounds and dashes of jazz and rock. yet as daring and fresh as this all is it never fails to send you sweating your ass off.

MKG003 : Tekel & Tim Paris – Marketel & Marketim

01 – Tekel & Tim Paris – Marketel
02 – Tekel & Tim Paris – Marketim


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