Out now on Beatport: The Draughtsman ’1694 EP’ (included remixes from Roman Fluegel, Cosmo Vitelli and Tim Paris)

November 18, 2012

Sasse (Moodmusic): great package – absolutely love the Romans remix but the overall vibe is awesome
Chicago Damn: Really enjoyed Vertical and the Roman Fluegel remix
Max Cooper: I love all the Frame tracks, and the Roman Flugal remix is a monster!
Erik Rug: Will play Geschmacklos (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)..really cool stuff !
Phonogenic: These tracks are great, Damn ! Vertical is suppppaaaaaaaa!
Trevor Jackson: love it all & romans mix is particularly impressive, the guy can never do wrong
Ewan Pearson: a lovely set – I played Roman’s remix and it sounded f***in huge… Going straight into every set. Amazing…
Rodion: very cool “mussorgskij-style” release ! there’s something creepy and psychic which I really like.
I’m in love with codicil, both the trippy original and the raw roman flugel’s mix. also Tim Paris remix of vertical has something rephlex which I love
Peter Kruder: Like Geschmacklos Original here
Jenifer Cardini: Love Marketing ! Great package !
Remain: Full Support. Big fan of this project.
Jeff Samuel: nice stuff
Ame: roman!!!!
Danny Howells: Superb .. some fantastic originals, and some top remixes, especially Roman!
Justin Sloe: very diverse offering here – it’s Roman Fluegel that nails the sounds I’m so very fond of
Tommiie Satoshi: Well written and produced musical pieces, i am feeling the whole package. Tim Paris remix is def in my set

Supported and playlisted by Michael Mayer, Erol Alkan & Ivan Smagghe


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