MKG017 : The Draughtsman – Geschmacklos EP (incl Cosmo Vitelli remix)

May 15, 2012

It has been quite  a long process but Marketing Music is finally ready to introduce The Draughtsman, the new project from Alex Egan, the man behind Astronomer and numerous other aliases.

“The first part of the release, ‘Geschmacklos’, somehow defines the approach of Marketing Music: electronic sounding like a New-Wave-Post-Disco band, something close to Bot’Ox for instance… Cosmo Vitelli was then the obvious remixer’s choice, and surely he doesn’t disappoint : his mix is already being championed by a lot of our favorite djs !” Tim Paris


MKG017 : The Draughtsman – Geschmacklos EP

1 – Geschmacklos
2 – Geschmacklos (Cosmo Vitelli remix)

Out on digital July 6th 2012



good good fun on the dance floor Roman Fluegel - cosmo vitelli get´s down like it ain´t no thang! Kiki - yeh I got this earlier….. wonderful vibe for dc10 Andrew Grant - Yes. Waiting for this one since Cosmo Vitelli played it on the radio show Tim Sweeney – Both versions are great! Ewan Pearson – Square dancing! Love it Joakim - Very nice Remix from Cosmo Super The Glimmers – yes! great work mr. egan – JD Twitch - Great job on the mix by Cosmo Jonnie Wilkes - nice trax – will spin Slam – Vitelli remix is on point Andrew Grant - very good work here, will use both Brett Johnson - B R I L L I A N T ! sounds like IAFL grease pt 2 but thats far from a bad thing :-) original and remix i’ll both play out, big summer record for me i can tell Trevor Jackson – Nice one!…will play it out! – Kolombo – YEA COSMO!!!!! Eric Duncan – standing track and remix… best release yet? Pete Herbert - Nice remix ! Shit Robot – another great release. cosmo vitelli’s remix is my choice here Undo – Thanx, the original version is the one for me! Pilooski – Loving this release, and awaiting for playing it after listening Cosmo Vitelli’s remix on Smagghe’s Tsugi CD Mix. Original and remix are two sides of the same coin, is really complicated for me to choose one over the other. I’ll play both to death. I really like it when dance music has this silly sense of humour and a lot of energy at the same time (not talking of DJ Tiësto, though). 10/10 Marc Pinol – Interresting! Will try loud:) Philipp Straub – Huge fan of this EP.I’ve been hammering Cosmo’s mix Max Pask – Outstanding!!! Support Fra Soler – : Nice, both original and Cosmo remix Nico De Ceglia – What the fuck ?! qu’est ce que c’est que ce track de ouf ! j’adore ça part dans tout les sens et ça groove, c’est bizarre et rassurant à la fois…Très belle sortie, bravo Tim. Très classe l’artwork. Bon…j’avais pas encore écouté le remix de Cosmo, OK…Fucking excellent release !!!!!!!!!!! Simon Says – love the cosmo, excellent as usual, supporting Jerry Bouthier – strong release..i like different elements of each mix.. the original is more quirky, but the remix has a raw feel Duke Dumont – loved cosmo’s remix Koji – fantastic release and big hopes for the future from the Draughtsman, love og and remix equally, bravo! Riotous Rockets – marketing is getting better and better, this one is just brilliant Clement Meyer – great release. i like both versions and i will play it for sure SwitchSt(d)ance – Great tune. I love it. Marco Dos Santos – Fantastic release.I love the original and remix Alvaro Cabana – BOMB!! Melle Caro – funky funny ! David Blot – So groovy baby! Orgasmic… Jean-Jerome – Whoa! The Cosmo Vitelli remix is going to make me look so good when I’m DJing! (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?) Mike Callander – Amazing record. Both tracks are right down my alley Remain – perb release really love this – fresh n’ dark baby!!! Silicone Soul – sick package! :) full support! Fine Cut Bodies – Fine + bouncy retro bits here … Cosmo’s mix with its subtle Krautrock flourish is quite appealing Q Burns Abstract Message – trippy in a great way! Nick Chacona – killer release…both versions are solid and original. Mugwump – very good release as usual from MKG Olibusta – Great freaky track with a killer remix by Cosmo VItelli! Alex From Tokyo - supersound, chubby discouse driven. synths are fat and sick. it’s going to rock my floors, definitely. cosmo’s remix adds a spy rock kraut flavour which I really like. difficult to choose which one to play Rodion – me like it Krikor - Cosmo Vitelli, oh yes!!! Lele Sacchi – Cosmo Vitelli brings me light under the disco ball Dairmount - fantastico ! Dirty Sound System - deluxe! Ralf Kollmann - Cosmo Vitelli remix for me ! Compuphonic - Two great tracks. Love the simplicity and drive that Cosmo has achieved picking up his guitar (old rocker at heart that boy!), it rolls on and on. Good luck with the future Alex. Keep making these bold steps and I’m sure it’ll all pay… Crispin Dior - Cosmo Mix all the way!! Moustache Mamas. - love the cosmo vitelli rmx will play –  Eric Borgo - xxxx Silicone Soul - oh yeah the cosmo vitelli remix really rocks! Mike Burns - Love love love the Cosmo remix! Got bangs of wicked electro funk like I haven’t heard for a good while! Nice to hear some underground rock/indie influenced electronic music…been away for too long. Total respect x Rob Bradley (DeadEcho/Save You Records) – cosmo vitelli ! yes :-) Phil Kieran - i like the attitude and the approach Ben Mono - i absolutely love alex’s original! Mickey Moonlight - so happy this is getting a release! LOVE HOW COSMO FLIPS THE TRACK Juno Plus. Review in De:BugAlso played by Ivan Smagghe, Erol AlkanRichie Hawtin, Mandy, Magda, Claude VonStroke.

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