MKG015 : Jullian Gomes feat Bobby – Love Song 28 EP (incl Ewan Pearson & Anonym remixes)

October 13, 2011

We are ready to drop the most blissful of winter warmers as we welcome South African debutant, Jullian Gomes.


Having been raised under the warmth of the African sun, on a diet of Portuguese chicken, Soul, Latin and Kwaito, it was the discovery of House music at a tender age that proved to be a defining moment. 2003 saw his first steps into the world of the DJ and it wasn’t long before he creating his very own beats and releasing on Realtone and Earthrumental, the esteemed labels of Frank Roger and Deepershades Recordings.  Following a successful participation in London’s Red Bull Music Academy, Jullian stayed on, hooked up with UK house don Atjazz and set about widening his musical horizons.  “Love Song 28” his debut for Marketing, proves that Jullian Gomes is a star in the making. Featuring the beautifully harmonic vocals of Bobby, “Love Song 28″ has a modern air of the genial Brian Wilson. Its shuffling percussion and pulsing synths work with the vocal to produce a true future classic.  Ewan Pearson provides the first of the remixes, laying the untouched vocal upon his brilliantly groovy low-slung acidic soundtrack, resplendent with cow-bell. An instrumental version of Ewan’s mix is also offered.  Anonym provides a deeper more hypnotic take with the warm bass and smooth keys of his Dub.

MKG015 : Jullian Gomes feat Bobby – Love Song 28 EP

01 Love Song 28 (Original)
02 Love Song 28 (Ewan Pearson vocal mix)
03 Love Song 28 (Anonym dub)
04 Love Song 28 (Ewan Pearson instrumental)

Out on Beatport November 9th 2011 / All digital shops on November 23rd

LISTEN & BUY : Jullian Gomes feat Bobby – Love Song 28 EP (incl Ewan Pearson & Anonym remixes)


DJ Koze – “Hey thanx for tipping me off on this. It’s super nice!! I’m really feeling the original.” - Ivan Smagghe – “One of the vocals of the year no problem!!” - James Zabiela – “Ewan’s vocal remix sounding really nice! Support where i can guys.” - MANIK – “This is a REALLY nice ep. I like the Original and Ewan’s mix a lot!! Really good stuff here!” - Danny Howells – “Stunning release… simply stunning!! J” - Tobi Neumann – “Sweet song, maybe a bit to sweet for the night. I will try out Anonym‘s Dub. Could be working well.” - Kenny Larkin – “Wow… the Original is BEAUTIFUL!” - Christian Prommer – “Amazing trax here!! And I LOVE the remix from Ewan. Thank you for sending. Very cool!” - Martinez Brothers – We are all over the Ewan Pearson instrumental!! DOPENESS!!” - Agnes – “The mixes form Ewan are really nice.. I’ll be trying them out!” - Ryan Crosson – “I’m liking the Anonym Dub very much. I’ll play it!” – SaKasper Bjorke – “Oh now this is a cool Ewan Pearson Remix! Will be playing that!” – Raresh – “Anonym dub is immediately standing out for me. Gonna try it out.” – Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “This is a GREAT release guys! Well done.” – DJ Yellow – “Huge fan of Ewan Pearson’s music … and this remix is just at the level of expectation … amazing work as always with Ewan …original & Anonym mixes are great too.” – Jef K – “Waoooooooo the original is soooooooooo …. 10 STARS …. really nice remixes also but …. full support … merci and love from Paris ….” – Erol Alkan – “I am enjoying Ewan’s mix & dub very much. Great sleeve too.” – Robert Dietz – “The Anonym dub is so sweet!! Will be playing…” – Dominik Eulberg – “I am in love with the Ewan Pearson Instrumental Mix! J” -  Martinez – “Anonym dub = beautiful! Full support from on this one for sure.” -  Osunlade – “This is a great one! I love Jullian’s music.” -  Jimpster – “Fucking hell! This is stunning! What a lovely track. Amazing vocal. Yeah, i’m into this big time (…) practically bought me to tears! J”) -  Martin Dawson – “Slick remix from Ewan and a really nice release overall J” -  Appleblim – “Really nice work Ewan here! Lovely mixes.” -  Lee Curtiss – “Ewan Pearson instrumental is sounding nice to me. Will test. Thanks!” -  dOP – “Great release guys! Ewan’s remixes are premium!!” -  Michael Mayer – “I am madly in love with the Original and Ewan’s mix… triple WOW!” -  Nuno dos Santos – “Sweet stuff! Original is pure bliss! Will also try Anonym dub & Pearson dub at Trouw this weekend!” -  David K – “Anonym made an amazing version, i loooove it!!” -  Kiki – “I always have a lot of time for Marketing! I really like the release policy, as i almost forget about the label in between and exactly then they come up with a release like this where i feel all 3 versions! Original for home, Ewan’s for aftherhour or end of the night and Anonym for anytime!” -  Basti – (Lovebirds) – “Wow! and again Wow! What a lovely tune! Original is incredibly sweet! – FULL SUPPORT on this one! Thanks for sending!” -  Sebo K – “This is nice package of tracks. All cool but Anonym dub my fav. Full support.” -  Ripperton – “Love the Pearson remixes and the Original very much! Will spread!” -  Matthew Dear – “Thanks for sending! Ewan Pearson’s instrumental the pick for me.” -  Alexkid – “The Original is as elegant as a Charles Webster track … lovely!!” -  Peter Kruder – “The Original is a great tune. Love it. The Ewan Pearson Mixes are also splendid. Great production. Will play this.” -  Rainer Trueby – “Love the Original…Ewan´s mix has a bit more bounce…well done!” -  Manuel Tur – “This is such a GREAT release!! Original my favourite! Thanks.” -  Ellen Allien – “Ewan Pearson’s remix is GREAT!! Support!” -  Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Beautiful plain and simple. Original mix is the one. Simply stunning.” -  Fred Everything – “Very nice! All mixes are great but Ewan’s might be my favorite one.” -  Basti – (Tiefschwarz) – “BOMB! All mixes, no question!! Thanx very much for sending this!!” -  Greg – (Catz n Dogz) – “WOW!! Amazing tune! I love the original and remixes, fantastic ep.”  – Played by Soul Clap & Dixon. –  Club Madnezz Radio Holland – “Anonym dub is very smoovy.” -  Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – “Really nice pack, thanks.” -  Little Mike – (Beatport) – “F*ck that Ewan Pearson remix is good!!” – – “The vocal ROCKS!!!” -  Kev O – ( – “It’s not hard to figure out why you wanted to do the honors of handling this release; what’s not to love? The best part? The original steals the show despite the big names on remix duty. On repeat!” -  Ed – (Mixmag) – “Amazing mixes from Ewan Pearson!!” -  Sergio B – ( – “Amazing tune! I love three versions. But If I had to choose one, it would be Ewan Pearson mix. I like acid sound.” -  Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Pearson Mixes for me!!!” -  Stuart Patterson – (Faith Fanzine / Radio) – “Both instrumental mixes are great for me.” -  Steve – ( – “Wow, the original is just gorgeous. Bobby’s vocals sound like heaven between the relatively spare beats.” -  Groove Magazine Germany – “Review in our next issue.” -  Tsugi Magazine France- “Ewan Pearson vocal mix is gooood.” - Michel de Hey – (Fresh FM) – “Really sweet song with respectful remixes, love the vibe of the original but the remixes are ace as well!” - Victor – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Amazing stuff, all remixes are ace and so is the original!! 9/10”

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  1. Amir Amini on October 20, 2011 at 22:31

    Hello Tim. Great release man! really digging Ewan’s remix! All the best from Paris.

  2. hausfly on November 14, 2011 at 13:56

    album cover is a bit ‘New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies’ …

  3. Alexander Dorn on December 7, 2011 at 14:29


    • Anonymous on December 7, 2011 at 14:51

      unfortunately not…

      • Alexander Dorn on December 13, 2011 at 13:52


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