MKG005 : Tim Paris – Ame Agaru / Widow Diskow

October 11, 2009

<a href="">Ame Agaru / Widow Discow by Marketing Music</a>

Tim Paris ‘Widow Diskow’ EP (Marketing 005) After the memorable Botox release a while ago Marketing records strikes back with the boss himself for his first solo EP on the imprint.’Widow Diskow’ continues the label’s experimentation into the different textures and genres as a deep bass groove melts gently with guitar sounds and jazz horns… Classic !’Ame Agaru’ signify ‘After the rain’ in Japanase. It tends to catch a glimpse of this very feeling you get in a forest when the rain stops… After a long pop introduction the obsessives organic sounds turn into a raw disco and techno soundtrack. Some music you will only find on Marketing !!!

MKG005 : Tim Paris – Ame Agaru / Widow Diskow

01 – Tim Paris – Ame Agaru
02 – Tim Paris – Widow Diskow


LISTEN & BUY : Tim Paris – Ame Agaru / Widow Diskow – full tracks listening


Chloe (Kill The DJ): “plays ‘Ame Agaru’” Clément Perrin Trax (F): “ Two excellent tracks, progressive & trippy oscillating between deephouse and electronica I really like it, I ‘ll write on it in the next February Trax.” Gerardo Niva: “ i like both tracks , i like the style as for me there are not many artist playing sounds i can connect with an electro, pop/rock, or weavy influence or whatever you may call it personally i like these sounds but most of the stuff out in the mentioned styles sounds retro , or old or commercial , and only a few of them sound really nice , like these you sent me. personally i prefer the first one , the one with the long (looooong:-) intro. both are not specially dancefloor oriented under my poibt of view , but deeper… like the music! ” Iván Ramos(BEAT Magazine/Klubb: “ Nice release! The first one is a very funny experimental tune, my fav of this release.” Ivan Smagghe (Strobe): “Track selected for Its ‘Cocorico Compilation’” James Priestley: “ Certainly what I what expect from tim on his own label – original and quirky with a few of tim’s trademarks.. I like it, it’s a cool piece of music but not one that would really fit into one of my sets or so therefore that I would play.. Widow diskow – this is more me. Nice.. Like the guitars and fx but percussion wise, a little too much going on for me at times though. Both have a definite disco edge which I think is hard to do at the moment, and it works..” Jamie Russell(Hypercolour ): “ I am a massive fan of this label, you never know what to expect and that is what i like – both tracks are great, ‘Am Agaru’ will be going straight on my ipod, but i can see this going down well at a weird afterhours where everyone is nailed on super substances! ‘ ‘Widow Diskow’ is going to fit nicely into my warmup sets! Great stuff as usua” Kollektiv Turmstrasse(Connaiss: “ so cool, we like that a lot” Philipp (Mandy): “ very good song. thanx a lot ma man. will play it out loud! your new hot shiaat is always very welcome!!! thanx again ” Purdey: “ et bien bravo !!! du grand cru Marketing que ce nouvel ep …coup de coeur pour le B ” Ame Agaru ” : j’en frissonnne encore ! je le met direct à côté du remix de trentmoller de Djuma Sound System sur get physical , un de mes incontounables du moment que j’écoute lorsque j’ai besoin de me rappeler pourquoi cette musique me rend dingue.Planax à souhait et terriblement groove !!! Tout en douceur …montée en puissance …mais pas trop n’en faut juste ce qu’il faut …ah subtilité quand tu nous tiens ! félicitations et merci pour la découverte . ” Ralph Lawson 20:20 Vision: “ The best Tim Paris for quite some time. Back to that unique style that made us love his sound in the first place. This is the best track I have heard from listening to all my 2008 promos so far.” Todd Burns(Resident Advisor): “Thanks for this one. I’m liking the B-side a good bit — very nice for closing or opening sets with, I imagine. I may try it on one of my upcoming mixes!…” Toshiya (Mule Musiq): “ thanks for the link, i really like ame agaru. ”


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