MKG004 : Bot’Ox – Lada Rock / Drive By Shooting

October 11, 2009

<a href="">Lada Rock / Drive By Shooting by Marketing Music</a>

While everyone else was enjoying the summer of the century ( and probably the world cup ) the Bot’ox boys hurled themselves in the studio and indulged into a cosmic electronic “kraut” session. on the hard stomping “lada rock” COSMO VITELLI lays down a stoic one note bassline and grants TEKEL’s JULIEN BRIFFAZ some time to get freaky with hard metallic, stumbling beats behind his drumkit before skanking guitar chords preludes several minutes of countless dramatic organ and synth erruptions. after this wild freak-out your body gets a rest – it’s now the mind that gets messed with: the slow moving “drive by shooting” with it’s neverending, grinding, menacing cascades of hot-lava like synth tides sounds like a dark balearic tune on bad acid. drop out!

MKG 004 : Bot’Ox – Lada Rock / Drive By Shooting

01 – Bot’Ox – Lada Rock
02 – Bot’Ox – Drive By Shooting


LISTEN & BUY : Bot’Ox – Lada Rock / Drive By Shooting – full tracks listening + buy link


Chloe: “very good ep. both side. cool “kraut” vibe.” David Duriez: “HUGE !!! wow….” De:Bug (GER): “rating: *****” Geffroy Mugwump/Hi-Phen/Suicid: “This is the absolute bomb. will play this for months.this is what a big party record should sound like. im a big fan of cosmo vitelli and his im not a cliché label, his botox material with julien from tekel is superb… G R E A T RECORD. ” Jennifer Cardini: “love the A1 ! ”


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