MKG002 : Bot’Ox – Bot’Ox Meets Showgirls

October 11, 2009

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Where does this ufo comes from? Showgirls vs Bo’Tox is a collaboration on two tracks by two teams of two.The model : Showgirls, is a fresh french new band formed by Lionel Catalan from the 90’s cult Catalan Fc and David Blot a former journalist on Radio Nova in Paris and one of the founder of the world famous Respect is Burning parties. Working on a LP, the duo has done these two electro tracks a bit differently from their album stuff, and certainly more dance floor orientated. But not enough yet… Here comes… The make up : Bo’Tox, is a fresh french new band formed by Benjamin Boguet aka Cosmo Vitelli – who doesnt need any more introduction by now – and Julien Briffaz, half member of another (!) fresh french new band called TEKEL that has done some of the most furious dance floors underground hits of the past months. They share the same studio in Paris, decided to work together, and start their feet on remixing, and actually, reproducing entirely both Showgirls tracks. “Grand Central” is a trancy hypnotic anthem with a catchy hook, kinda 1986 New Order extended dub played in a really loaded after hours party. “The 16th Machine” is a collage of wild sound and moody feelings that may make you cry even if you’re dancing on it like there is no tomorrow. And fuck, it all comes from Paris !

MKG002 : Bot’Ox Meets Showgirls

01 – Bot’Ox – Grand Central
02 – Bot’Ox – The 16th Machine


LISTEN & BUY : Bot’Ox – Bot’Ox Meets Showgirls – full tracks listening + buy links


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