MKG011 : Challenge – Broken Clock EP (incl Genius Of Time remix)

June 10, 2010

<a href="">Broken Clock EP by Marketing Music</a>

One time proprietor of the infamous Atlas Records shop in Soho, London over a decade ago, Pete Herbert divides his time these days either behind the wheels of steel at clubs and parties around Europe or in the studio working solo or with friends on their various musical projects… He is found regularly behind the decks at places such as Fabric, Mondo, Goa, Cafe Capitol playing out an unexpected mix of Balearic leftfield disco/house/italo/dub/funk and beyond!!

Building up a dj reputation in Parisian underground circles, doing parties with Jef K, Chloé, Alexkid and Ivan Smagghe, working the dancefloor but also developing his skills in the studio, Tim Paris had his first breakthrough with the remix of a rock tune called “Future Now” that became one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004. From there Tim Paris didn’t stop but continued to release quality tracks and remixes.

The two come together as “Challenge,” on Tim’s imprint Marketing Music, the follow up to their 2008 release together on Kompakt (“Zimmer“). Just a few chords into the track, and its obvious to hear – the “Broken Clock E.P. ” has been too long coming…

The titular “Broken Clock” is a brooding piece of work.  The steady metronomic rhythms counteract the name, always uniform in their steady timekeeping.  Layering on top is a quasi disco-esque slant on straight up electronica;  we are lulled into a false sense of security with the live bass (that almost harks back to some of Death in Vegas’s better material…) only to be subtly positioned into a fully electronic machine with the staple bleeps and clicks that classic tracks are made of.

Wind Up” follows on this trend but pushing itself more into the organic side of things.  The live drum breaks and shamelessly analogue synths mimicking plucked guitars to build up into a faux funk riff-off, all the while incomprehensible vocals stab in the background.  This track has shades of some real classic electronic experimental pieces of the golden age of synths and would sit well amongst these tracks, a proud thumb-up to the contemporary productions that saturate the market.

This said, if old-school isn’t your thing (or at least not THAT old school) then the “Wind Up: Genius of Time Remix” will suit your palate indefinitely. Genius of Time, aka ‘Cloud‘ from Gothenburg, Sweden…Pushes the hands of father time to the reference point in early house, the vocals are pushed to the front to build us up into a hazy groove, that you wish could go on forever…

MKG011 – Challenge – Broken Clock EP
Challenge – Broken Clock
Challenge – Wind Up
Challenge – Wind Up (Genius Of Time remix)


LISTEN & BUY : Challenge – Broken Clock EP (incl. Genius Of Time remix) – full tracks listening

Full sleeved vinyl out July 7th / Digital out July 23rd

Top 65 Beatport download sales (Indie) / Top 19 Whatpeopleplay download sales (Indie) / Top 13 Decks vinyl sales (Electro)


Ewan Pearson Love it all ! – Shit Robot This rules ! JD Twich (Optimo) Good stuff all round Llorca Genius Of Time for me Alexkid on dirait Daniel Wang période balihu sous stéroides qui aurait trouvé le bouton de quantification… cool ! :D Dirty Soundsystem “excellent release… marketing music is one of the top label 2010 for sure !!”- Soul Clap “nice laid up disco vibes on wind up. def gunna give it a whirl.” – Will Saul “Superb EP! Full support from me.” – Jennifer Cardini “really love it !” – Jimpster “Love the Genius Of Time remix. soid stuff” – Roman Fluegel “Goood! Wind Up (Genius of time remix) is my favorite. Will play” – I Cube “Tres bon! (Nice new logo)” – Milton Jackson “enjoying the splendour of Wind Up, both mixes. thanks” – ivan smagghe “broken clock has been a firm fave of mine for a while. but I am pretty impressed by the Genius Of Time mix. Who said I do not like deep house????” – Dyed Soundorom “Will play genius of time remix! Thanks!” – Cosmo Vitelli “J’adore Broken Clock, c’est taillé pour moi” – Crispin Dior “likin the larry heard vibe with the chords in Genius Of Time Remix dropping in half way through” – Arnaud Rebotini “I love both tracks exellent release” – Pilooski “fresh, trippy, full support!” – anthony collins “broken clock is great” – philip sherburne “whoooooooa, that “genius of time mix” is sweet! just gorgeous. makes me want to get off my damn computer and play records! that one, in particular…” – max pask “great tracks!” – Orde Meikle “cool downtempo house – Genius of time mix for me” – Nico De Ceglia “Nice  4/5” – Jozif “nicely! will play” – Eric Duncan “Send me anything Pete does!!!” – Marcin Czubala “Broken Clock is great, also Wind Up in Genius of Time rmx will get some spin from me” – mike Burns “Wow Broken Clock is beautifully far out, love it!” – Matt Walsh “dark groovey, love it.. wind up is my pick!” – Riotous Rockers “Broken clock sounds fantastic, thanks!!” – Geoffroy mugwump “two killer tracks. absolutely loving it.” – Little White Earbuds “Very intriguing” – Kolombo “Amazing Ep again!!! Well done guyz” – Remain “Can’t make up my mind, sorry…just love both originals !!!! Bravo” – davide squillace “Broken Clock 5/5”’ – laurent garnier “laurent garnier” – Chloé “original tracks are excellent! “ – Ben Mono “fits perfectly into my set.” – Trevor Jackson “all tracks superb! wonderful release :-) ” – Clement Meyer “broken clock sounds like a modern einsturzende neubaten dancefloor track; wicked!” – Charles Webster “GOT mix is nice deepness…thnx” – Krikor “cool release, like the original mixes best!” – Melle Caro “love love love!!!!”


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  1. Pablo Demonio on July 31, 2010 at 08:28

    only like Broken Clock track, but this its really nice!

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