MKG010 : It’s A Fine Line EP

April 22, 2010

<a href="">It's A Fine Line EP by Marketing Music</a>

it’s a fine line between reference and cliche
it’s a fine line between rough and cheap
it’s a fine line between moody and dark
it’s a fine line between independent and arrogant
it’s a fine line between obscure and abstruse
it’s a fine line between intricate and complex
it’s a fine line between passion and obsession
it’s a fine line between ambiguity and confusion
it’s a fine line between style and genre
it’s a fine line between loud and proud
it’s a fine line between repetitive and repetition
it’s a fine line between principles and rules
it’s a fine line between simple and easy
it’s a fine line between ideas and ideals
it’s a fine line between nu and new
it’s a fine line between disco and disco
it’s a fine line between Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe… And that’s why they’re walking it.

MKG010 : It’s A Fine Line EP

A : It’s A Fine Line – Do The Hot Tar
B : It’s A Fine Line – Bachbeat


LISTEN & BUY : It’s A Fine Line EP – full tracks listening

Out vinyl May 19th / Out digital June 4th


nice trax – playing Bachbeat Slam – YEAH THE HOT TAR ROCKS A LOT :-) FRESH SHITTTT! Stephan Bodzin I like this Bleepy world ! Bachbeat is my fav Arnaud Rebotini mad ! Not my kind of music, but that s an interesting direction Agoria Do the hot tar is AMAZIN!! FULL SUPPORT!!! Kolombo (Mugwump) nice! Ali Scwartz great stuff from the marketing camp. the fine line text describes it very well. you are exactly walking it. me likes a lot! will play! Trickski Love them both, will be playing for sure! Riotous Rockers “Do the Hot Tar” Love this… great combination of ideas. The bass is solid filth the casio bleeps so trippy. Gonna work a treat in the club. THankyou. Bachbeat really strong too. Optimo bachbeat! i like it James Holden “do the hot tar” is my favourite!! Already in my box… Roman Fluegel It’s not in tune, beat is off, it’s all in the wrong place it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Will play. Danton Eeprom do the hot tar…always play it! Gerardo Niva Very nice release… I’ve been playing both tracks a lot Remain playing Backbeat to death, its so good!! Matt Walsh (Turbo) dark quirkness at top level by ivan and Tim Lele Sacchi ca me fait bien sautiller! Miss Kittin Yeah baby totally super duper Luke Solomon tuerie ! Dirty Sound System Both sides are killer! Do The Hot Tar probably edges it for me.. perfect trippy beats Allez Allez i like the tension in Bachbeat Krikor FUCKING BADASS!! My favorite thing you guys have done yet. Will play. Constantly. Lance De Sardi thk u for this super release…”do the hot tar” is my favourite Le Loup very nice Ben Mono Real fat production , I like it!! Baby G Ah yeah, bring the bleeps back! Deetron great stuff! full support Fra Solers (Nitsa) it’s a fine line between good and bad -it’s a fine line between being consistent and being persistent And Yvan & Tim have always being consistently good Laurent Garnier Amazing Tim & Ivan once again deliver Difficult to put in a genre but perfect for the sleazy disco.. Bacbeat is tipping it for me Neil Thorton walking the line too. i love it Rodriguez Jr Nice stuff!!! Nico de Ceglia bleeps! Shit Robot Wonderfully full and analogue sounding gems from Ivan and Tim. I will play and support both but Bachbeat just edges it for me. Will Saul Bachbeat is my pick of the two. but I like em both Jacques Renault Very interessting tracks! Totally different and a bit weird but I like that! Wish more people would no innovative sound. Philip Straub (Flex, Vienna) Slow Killer ! The Glimmers. Played by Richie Hawtin, Geoffroy (Mugwump), Luciano, Dj T


Very cool — freaky, wonky, silly but still serious. I think “Bachbeat” is even more interesting than “Do the Hot Tar,” though I do like that track’s weird, shiny grin. P.S., nice work on the logo & sleeve design Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork, Beatportal) Great release – review feature confirmed in the next issue of DJ Dj Mag (UK) Thanks, will make available for review Little White Earbuds Bachbeat is awesome. Love it. Pulse Radio (Berlin) review will follow Groove Mag (Germany) Great release!! Wonderful off-kilter music, I love it. Mixmag Far out, in a very good way! Mike Burns (Resident Advisor) Cool release and an interesting label Ben Murphy (Dj Mag)

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