Tim Paris top 10 – Sep 09

October 11, 2009

In the wake of the release of Marketing next EP by Idioma, Tim Paris sent us his current top 10. Number one spot is the original version of Idioma’s “Landscapes” which will be released in October together with remixes from Shit Robot and Tim Paris himself. Check this spot for further details of the release and audiostreams.

Tim Paris top 10 – Sep 09

Idioma ‘Landscape’ (Marketing)
Cloud ‘Innocence’ Falconcrest remix (Exceptionnal)
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner ‘Cut Bread’ (Clown)
It’s a fine line ‘Never Go with a Hippie to a Second Location’ (Playhouse)
ZNTN ‘Way Back Home’ Shitrobot remix (Astrolab)
Al Oost ‘Two Faders’ (Beef Records)
Jurgen Pape ‘Ofterschwang’ (Kompakt)
Raudive ‘Abc’ (Rrygular)
Antislash ‘Trafic Jam’ (Circus Company)
Stefan Schneider, Jay Ahern’Hauntologist EP 2 A1′ (Hauntologist)

READ : Idioma – Landscapes EP (incl. Shit Robot and Tim Paris remixes) on Marketing Music

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