The Marketing Music podcast tries to reflect the broad range of influences that inspires the releases of the label by offering djs the opportunity to express themselves in dj mixes that goes beyond dance or club music. It’s an opportunity to ear some of your favorite club dj going in unexpected directions or to listen artists with no djing skills but with a killer selection.

Source Of Uncertainty – Live @ Rum26 – Feb 11

February 3, 2011
Source Of Uncertainty - Live At Rum26 cover 300px

Source Of Uncertainty is a new project from a duet of producers that want to remain anonymous for the time being. They have recorded live this series of new material and gave it to Tim Paris exclusively for you to enjoy on the new Marketing Music podcast. iTunes / RSS / Newsletter Download (Right Click /...

Fine Cut Bodies – Marketing Music podcast – Jan 11

January 6, 2011
Fine Cut Bodies cover 300px

Hungarian Attila Fodor, a recording artist and dj under the moniker Fine Cut Bodies has made a name for himself by producing quality break tracks spinned by top djs like Plump Djs, Chris Carter, Breakneck or Adam Freeland but this mid-tempo broad mix he did for Marketing Music shows that he’s got more than...

Idioma – Manu Militari mix – Nov 10

November 4, 2010
Manu Militari mix cover light

To keep us waiting before their new release after their timeless piece of music “Landscapes” released last year on Marketing Music, the Idioma brothers just put together some music that inspired them during their long studio sessions. The mix includes an unreleased tracks by the brothers themselves : Five Days. TRACKLISTING 1 – Darkstar...

Kelpe – Returning Your Call – Oct 10

October 1, 2010
Returning Your Call cover

Under the heavy influence of classic Warp, Sly Stone funk or Steve Reich minimalism, the fractured beats and warped electronics of Kel McKeown aka Kelpe came to the attention of DC Recordings in 2003. On the verge of the release of his new EP for Black Acre he is offering Tim Paris this sonic...

Tim Paris – The Marketing Mixtape – Dec 09

December 10, 2009
The Marketing Mixtape cover

This is a 1h mix Tim Paris has done which, according to him, is about music he had, would have or would like to sign on his label Marketing Music. TRACKLISTING Uncle O ‘Avalanche’ Chilled By Nature ‘Otherness (Black Mustang’s Frozen Moon Jam)’ Bernard Lavilliers ‘Night Bird’ Touche ‘Zombies’ Johnny Dangerous ‘War with the...

It’s A Fine Line – Choose Your Way – Jan 08

January 13, 2008
Choose Your Way cover

Originally released as a Kill The Dj podcast in January 2008, this was the first public collaboration between Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris even before they snapped their It’s A Fine Line moniker. This sonic journey reflects perfectly the ethos of the Marketing Music podcast. iTunes / RSS / Newsletter Download (Right Click /...